From the very first day MOLKA Co. established, we always start with one vision in mind, to rise and to appear as a star. Meaning that we will always try to be a leading company but we will still strive to share our success with people around us.

Influenced by our passion in exploring things, we try to keep making innovations from time to time. We then decided to create chic & colorful wooden clutch and cross bodybag that can be used for formal events or for daily activities. Through our products, we would like to preserve woodcraft and encourage people to see woodcraft in a whole different way. As something that has values, as something that is not old-fashioned.

As business students, just like any other enterprises, we do create opportunities and always find ways to make our business sustainable. We believe in the positiveness and empowering of business. We also realize that ethical and social responsibilities are just as important as making our business sustainable, that is why we support local craftsmen and their creations. We choose to collaborate with local craftsmen in order to support social welfare in Indonesia.

Above all else, we always try to explore extraordinary things and make innovations. We hope that our business will sustain and become inspirations for other people.


KLACHÉ is originated from Telugu language, “Klac” which means clutch. KLACHÉ is a brand new innovation in fashion industry created by MOLKA Co. that combines woodcraft and several elements with on-trend expertise to create chic style.

In addition, we’ve never lost sight of who we are. We always aim to inspire people through our artful products, that is why KLACHÉ offers you the #ArtfullyElegant clutch and crossbody bag. Every piece of KLACHÉ is featured with partition inside to organize your belongings so you don’t have to worry about little things. KLACHÉ will also help you to cherish every moment of your life.


Rising as a revolutionary product in the craft world, KLACHÉ brings a bigger perspective in a whole different picture. We believe that woman deserves more to show about fashion and presence because that is all we do. KLACHÉ is every woman’s dream to fill their passion without any flaws. We give them experience to explore more on definition of beauty, because beauty is not only for one or two women but it is for everyone who deserves this wonderful honor.


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