December 2015

Timeless Fashion

Fashion changes, fashion are very much about change a context in which talking about timelessness may sound contradictory. When it comes to fashion, people love to discuss about those timeless, classic, and crucial pieces. They fit everyone well, they are comfortable, and probably make good investment.
People, especially women sometimes feel confused what are they going to wear and end up spending so much time on it. It is not a good experience and sometimes it makes them feel insecure […]

Grand Launching of KLACHÉ

Fashion | Woodcraft | Trend
It all started in mid 2015, since a group of youths gather with one vision, one mission, and one goal. Above are three keywords that has become our core values to present for our beloved customers. Debuting in a fashion industry with an idea to combine woodcraft and fashion comes with many improvements just to add more senses to the products. Molka Co. is the first and the only one for whom produces KLACHÉ, clutches […]

Beauty of Wood & Local Product

In our modern world, wood-craft often considered as something that is old-fashioned. Meaning that most people think that wood-crafts are no longer current or common for them. In contrary to this current situation, KLACHÉ would like to change the mindset that most people have. KLACHÉ would like to encourage people to see wood-craft in a whole different way. As something that has values, as something modern. The mission that KLACHÉ would like to deliver then applied as chic clutch […]